eyela. was founded in 2022 by a mum-of-two with a little too much time on her hands during her maternity leave. While mink and synthetic lashes are dominating the beauty industry, she wanted to launch a lash brand that fostered the notion of innovation and with a strong focus on sustainability. While undertaking extensive research, she came across 'plant fibre lashes', an innovation in the false lash industry. This is when she decided to hit the ground running to launch eyela., Australia's first exclusive plant fibre lash brand.

eyela.'s mission is to not only bring you a biodegradable alternative to mink and synthetic lashes, but to also encourage and advocate for a more sustainable beauty industry. More often than not, brands are offering products that claim to be eco-friendly. However, the message often gets lost when the packaging they use is not. With eyela, being an eco-friendly and sustainable brand does not stop with just the lashes. We've ensured that our products and packaging are eco-friendly in some way and aim to be transparent wth you if there are components in our products that aren't.