All About Plant Fibre Lashes

What are the plant fibre lashes made from?

The plant fibre lashes are actually made from hemp fibre, which is considered a recent staple in the beauty world. Many big and well-known skincare and cosmetic brands are now utilising the benefits of hemp in their beauty products. In the lash world, this is no exception and recent breakthrough scientific technology has enabled us to make plant fibre lashes possible without sacrificing quality or texture.

How are plant fibre lashes different from synthetic fibre lashes?

While synthetic fibre lashes were once considered the only vegan and cruelty-free option to mink lashes, they are often stiff and not as soft or fluffy as mink lashes. Plant fibre lashes, however, aim to be at least 95% similar in feel, texture and appearance as mink lashes. Not only are plant fibre lashes vegan and cruelty-free, but they are also biodegradable!

What to try a cool experiment? Try burning a plant-based lash and a synthetic lash and see what happens. HINT: one will become powder, the other will burn into a sticky ball.

How are the plant fibre lashes made?

Our plant fibre lashes are handmade and handcrafted with love for you and for the environment! eyela. takes pride in ensuring that every single pair of plant fibre lashes are checked for quality before they are sent out to you.

Are the lashes the only thing that's environmentally-friendly?

Absolutely not! Almost every single thing that we use to pack the lashes you buy are environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious in some way. The lash tray, boxes and mailer bags are all biodegradable. Not only that, but we take it a step further by using compostable labels, soy-based ink stamps and water-activated tape!

By purchasing from eyela., not only are you benefiting from high-quality lashes, but rest assured that we care as much about our planet as you do. We are putting 110% in ensuring that we are doing our part by limiting plastics in our packaging as much as possible. We aim to be as transparent as possible, so we will let you know if there is a component in our products that aren't environmentally-friendly.

Lash Care

What do I do if the pulp material from the lash tray sticks to the lashes?

As pulp is a fibrous material, it is inevitable that some of it could stick to the cotton band of the strip lash when you remove it from the tray. To remove the pulp material from the cotton band, use a pair of tweezers to gently remove it.

How do I clean my pair of lashes?

- Soak 2 makeup pads with makeup remover

- Place the lash between the 2 wet makeup pads and gently press down

- Gently remove any lash adhesive residue using a pair of tweezers

- Rinse the lash in a cup of water

- Place the wet lash on a dry makeup pad, fold the makeup pad over and gently press down on the lash to remove any excess water

- Once dried, store the lash back onto the lash tray


Which components of the packaging are biodegradable?

When something is biodegradable, it means that it is able to be broken down in our natural environment.

The following components of the packaging are biodegradable:

- Kraft paper lash box

- Pulp lash tray

- Packing peanuts

- Mailer bag

Which components of the packaging are recyclable?

Something that is recyclable means that they are able to be reused or turned into something else. To dispose of something that is recyclable, simply put it in the recycling bin.

The following components of the packaging are recyclable:

- Tissue paper

- Mailer box

- Thank you card

- Lash style guide

How are the packing peanuts in my package environmentally-friendly?

The packing peanuts that we use are actually water soluble and perfectly environmentally-friendly. This means that they dissolve in water! How cool is that?

Makeup Artists

I'm a certified makeup artist. Are there any discounts available?

As a certified makeup artist, you are entitled to 30% off all products! Please fill in your details in the MUA Program section and we will be in touch.

Wholesale Queries

Do you do wholesale orders?

Yes we do! Please complete the contact form here or email us at hello@eyela.com.au for information about wholesale orders.