The 9 Types of Eye Shapes

Did you know that there are 9 types of eye shapes? An important thing that you need to know about wearing false lashes is that a particular style that may suit one particular eye shape, may not necessarily suit another. On this page, we will break down and describe the 9 different eye shapes and the best style of false lashes for each type.
Eye Shape  Description of Eye Shape Recommendations
Upturned Eyes If you have upturned eyes, the outer corners of your eyes sit higher than the middle of your pupils. Cat eye style lashes are your calling! Lashes that flare out towards the outer corner are the most flattering. We recommend Celeste.
Round Eyes Your eyes are large and round with the white part of your eyes more visible below the iris. Choose a wispy lash that flares out towards the outer corner. Avoid voluminous lashes as these could make your eyes look smaller. We recommend Dahlia.
Almond Eyes Your eyes are narrow but wider at the centre and your iris are slightly hidden by your eyelids. Your eyes are versatile enough for any type of lash style! To bring out the beauty of your eyes, try a lash style that evenly distributed in length and volume. We recommend Esther.
Close Set Eyes The gap between your eyes is less than one eye. Choose lashes that are short from the inner corners and gradually build up more dramatically in volume and length on the outer corners. We recommend Aurora.
Monolid Eyes Monolid eyes typically have no visible crease in the upper eyelid. Choose wispy, fluttery lashes that have a crisscross layers, as well as lashes with a curl. Avoid any lashes heavy in volume or length. We recommend Willow.
Protruding Eyes Your eyes sit further out of the eye socket. Most protruding eyes have a lower eyelid crease. Choose a natural lash style that is flared and evenly distributed in length to create definition of your eyes. We recommend Freya.
Downward Eyes The outer corners of your eyes tilt downwards and your upper eyelid may look bigger than your bottom eyelid. Choose lashes that flare out and elongates the eye. We recommend Aurora.
Wide Set Eyes The gap between your eyes is greater than one eye. Choose full-looking lashes with a decent inner corner length to give the appearance of closer eyes. Avoid flared lashes. We recommend Esther.
Hooded Eyes The eyelid crease of your eye is not visible when they are open but you have extra skin above your eyelid cream. Choose a lash style that is natural and long in the centre but tapers on both ends. Avoid voluminous lashes. We recommend Iris.